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25 Inspiring Sundar Pichai Quotes

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Sundar Pichai is the Indian-American Businessperson and is the most notable leader in the world of technology. He is the CEO of the Google and also a board member of CapitalG, Magic Leap and Alphabet Inc.  He holds a graduate degree from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. He completed his MS degree from Stanford University and MBA degree from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He had interest in technology-related knowledge from his very early age and therefore he has achieved great feats in the technology world. He is making notable contribution in the world of technology and is inspiring millions of youths in the world. He is from respectable family in Tamil Nadu, India. His father was an electrical engineer. His mother was a speech transcriber. He was born in 1972 & started working in 2004 in Google after completing all of his degrees.

We will see 25 Inspiring Quotes of Him.

“It is important to follow your heart and dreams and doing something that excites you.” 

“I love technology while growing up.”

“As a leader, it is important to not be short-sighted. It is important to focus on the success of others also.”

“Treat failure as a badge of honor!”

“It is important to have right attitude towards everything in life in order to be truly happy.”

“Good companies are ready to do whatever it takes for making sure apps are great they don’t hesitate to add new features.”

“Feeling insecure from time can help you grow as an individual.”

“It is okay to fail. You learn a lot from doing something worthwhile.”

“In life never react, always respond calmly and wisely.”

“Using deep computer science helps in having a differentiated approach for solving problems.”

“It is actually good to work alongside people who make us insecure about ourselves. It helps us in pushing our limits.” 

“We work on things which many people will use every day.”

“The core of Google is bringing information to people.”

“Focusing on education is a big strength. Young people should focus on creativity and taking more risks.”

“Good companies are not afraid to do whatever it takes.”

“Most of how life plays is up to us.”

“It is important to be ambitious enough. It is okay to fail at greater things. You learn a lot from failures.”

“Be impatient because it can create the growth and the progress the world needs.”

“Artificial Intelligence is the most important thing that humanity has worked upon.”

“Think about what is next. Empower people. Be an optimist to solve problems. ”

“Ideas make a difference. Take risks to implement them.”

“Have a great morning routine. Do what you love.”

“It is better to choose to work on difficult things because you will have less competition.” 

“I like developing products that will make lives of people better.”

“At Google, we are having highly ambitious approach for doing things, we call it moon shots.”

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