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Redesigning Healthcare Sector with E-Health

The healthcare system has evolved significantly in the last 10 years, due to the acceptance of new technologies and systematic changes happening in the industry and for improving the quality of healthcare services. The most important need of any nation is having healthcare standards that are uniform and inclusive. Poor people should not struggle for receiving the most basic and essential care services. Having good healthcare awareness is also essential in society for ensuring the better health of the citizens.

It is fundamental for any nation that its citizens are healthy and well-functional. Urban areas have good state-of-the-art private facilities along with advanced testing as well as treatment technologies but it is also equally important to have the accessibility of these services in the rural areas. No one should be excluded from the opportunity of having good health. 

For people in rural areas, traveling to hospitals in the cities for treatment causes them a lot of difficulties and they may lose on their daily wages. This way their already difficult lives become more difficult. It affects the health-seeking behavior of people in rural areas. Long-term action should be in place for making healthcare services most accessible and inclusive to all people. Analyzing and removing barriers in healthcare services is important. The services of good hospitals with good staff should be distributed equitably across different regions. Sensitive, competent, and trained healthcare workers should provide their services to people from different regions and ensure their good health and well-being. Public hospitals should be increased so that poor people can also afford quality and specialized treatments.

Electronic healthcare (E-health) is a novel way of redesigning healthcare services. E-health will significantly change the way physicians, doctors, and nurses practice medicine. Electronic medical records stored in the system can reduce unnecessary medical tests, can improve the quality of patient care and prescriptions can be transmitted directly to pharmacies. E-communication can also address the emergency queries of the patients even from their homes also. With internet access, the decision-making of the physicians also increases with better online access to important medical kinds of literature. The remote patient is very much possible with e-health and it will hugely benefit especially the people from rural areas. Remote monitoring of patients is possible and this will be beneficial for doctors and patients and it will also lead to quicker solutions and quicker recovery of patients.

It is important for the healthcare sector to be conscious of the costs of unnecessary tests of patients. Unnecessary methods should be eliminated. This is possible with e-health as it stores the previous information and helps in avoiding repetitive tests and minimizes the costs. Ensuring accountability of doctors as well as the staff is essential for delivering better healthcare services. Digital innovations can play a very significant role in overcoming the issues in the healthcare sector. By tapping the benefits of the digital innovations healthcare services can become more accessible to remote places and people in rural areas and important services can be made more accessible and inclusive and this will be the most significant improvement in the healthcare sector.

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