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The Best Time and Attendance Software of 2023

Whether you’re using time and attendance software as part of an HR suite or as a standalone app, it helps save your business money, improve team productivity, and keep your records compliant.

Some of the best options also allow you to track job and project work, and in some cases, issue invoices. They can also notify you when employees have clocked in or out and remind you when they are about to work overtime.


Replicon is a web-based time tracking and expense management software that is easy to use and affordable. The company offers a free trial and has several packages that are designed for specific business needs.

Replicon includes features for project and employee time tracking, payroll management, and reporting. It can also integrate with other applications and services. The system can be accessed from a variety of devices, including laptops and mobile phones.

The software is a good choice for companies with international staff who need to comply with labor laws in different countries. It supports a variety of languages and multiple currency options, allowing employees to get paid quickly without worrying about bank regulations.

Another major feature of Replicon is its support for compliance management, which helps businesses maintain adherence to local and regional labor laws. It also enables users to track overtime and calculate fees for any unused time.

This can help companies avoid fines and keep their bottom line in check. It also gives managers a clear view of employees’ workloads and can assist in the development of a productive work culture.

Other features include geofencing, which allows employees to clock in/out from a particular location or device. This can reduce the risk of buddy punching and other time theft.

Replicon also offers GPS timesheets, which can help employers control on-the-road teams and ensure that they are adhering to strict policies. This can be a huge benefit for a company with multiple locations and is especially useful for travel agencies that need to track employee times when working remotely.

The system also allows employers to set up employee profiles and add pictures so that employees can clock in and out quickly with their profile pictures. This makes it easier to identify and audit any employees who may be cheating on their timesheets.

It also features a global governance feature, which lets companies capture time data across their worldwide locations. This helps them comply with statutory pay rules in different jurisdictions, which can be particularly helpful for large companies that have staff working abroad.


StratusTime is cloud-based time and attendance software that fits companies of all sizes. It allows employees to clock in and out, request time off and view their schedules from desktop or mobile devices. It also offers payroll integration, allowing managers and HR professionals to view employee hours worked, set schedules and get reports that meet their organizational needs.

Designed to grow as your business grows, stratustime helps you manage your labor costs with enterprise reporting and analysis tools that help you understand seasonal or yearly staffing trends, monitor overtime, compare scheduled to reported hours and track employee time infractions and exceptions. Its visual scheduling capabilities are especially useful for staffing shifts and assigning breaks or meals to ensure compliance with payroll policies.

The cloud-based solution plays well with hundreds of devices, including mobile devices, a PC or web kiosk, your point-of-sale system, and phone-in options. And it outputs to dozens of payroll systems and HR platforms, so you don’t have to manually enter hours into your back office or have your HR team hunched over computers.

Nettime solutions has nearly 20 years of experience in the time and attendance industry, so they know what it takes to keep businesses compliant with local and state regulations. They partner with HR providers to bring stratustime software to thousands of small and mid-sized businesses around the world.

Its intuitive user interface allows employees to quickly clock in and out, request time off, view their schedules and accruals and transfer between departments. It’s a great solution for growing companies that want a simple, fast and reliable way to track their workforce.

The service’s geofencing capabilities make it easy for employers to verify that their employees are at their locations. It also lets them track and manage timecard approvals, request shift changes and report sick leave.

Moreover, the service has robust self-service employee dashboards that allow employees to clock in and out, check their schedules and see accruals, even when they’re not at work. It also provides multi-lingual support and allows workers to submit time off requests through a secure, web-based platform.


Jibble is a cloud-based time and attendance software that helps organizations track employee time and productivity. It offers a wide range of features, including GPS tracking, biometric kiosks, facial recognition, and automatic timesheets. The platform is available in a variety of pricing and free plans, and its customer support is excellent.

Clock in and out of work through the web app, mobile app, kiosk, or smart bot integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Its biometric kiosk uses selfie capturing, facial recognition, and PIN validation to provide accurate data. It also offers flexible break and lunch management to allocate meal and rest breaks and flag extended breaks.

It can also help managers track PTO, and it integrates with payroll applications for easy computation of salaries. The software can be used by a variety of industries, including construction, retail, healthcare, education, and remote and field workers.

The app is very affordable, and it offers a free trial period that lets you try out its features before committing to a monthly plan. In addition, it offers a user guide that helps you set up and use the software.

A lot of users who left Jibble reviews online praised its easy-to-use interface and responsive customer support. Some also mentioned that the program was a good fit for small businesses, but others complained about frequent glitches in its time tracking.

One feature that impressed many users was the ability to set up policies and configure the way employees use the software. These policies can include limiting the use of activities and selfies, preventing employees from using their phones to clock in, and more.

Another great feature is the ability to manage timesheets and export them for payroll purposes. It can also generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports to provide insights about staff performance.

Jibble’s client billing power-up can be useful for agencies and can track billable hours on activities associated with specific clients. It can also help ensure that projects and tasks are accurately priced.

In terms of customer support, Jibble offers a dedicated team of customer service agents to answer questions and provide assistance. They can be reached 24/7. They also offer a free timesheet template and a help center with articles and guides from experts in the industry.


DeskTime is an easy-to-use time tracking and employee scheduling software that has proven to boost worker productivity by 30% within the first weeks of use. It features automatic time monitoring, which eliminates the need for manual data entry, as well as a project tracker that helps users generate accurate reports of hours worked and cost estimates for projects.

The software also lets employees take a break at regular intervals using the Pomodoro technique, which is proven to boost performance. The program’s timer has three options (52 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes) so workers can choose the interval that suits them best.

Moreover, it also offers automated email reports, a calendar for absences and sick days, and a project tracking feature that lets workers work as a group on tasks. All these functions can be accessed anywhere through mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.

Computer use monitoring is another great feature that allows managers to monitor what their employees are doing on their computers during working hours. It reveals the websites and desktop applications that are used most frequently by each employee.

Additionally, it lets employers categorize these apps and sites into either productive (green), unproductive (red), or neutral (gray). This helps ensure that employees are spending their time on the right things.

As an added bonus, the program’s timer also tracks how long employees spend on personal activities like social media browsing and shopping, which is useful for proof of work purposes. It also includes a feature that disables automatic time tracking when employees need to get some personal downtime or do other activities that don’t involve work-related activities.

For team managers, DeskTime’s automated time tracking can save them a lot of hassle and help them keep track of their team members’ working hours. It also allows them to automate reports and send them to their company via email so they can know how much their team is spending.

The software also includes a calendar that enables managers to schedule absences and place requests for shifts, which can be useful in employee management and improving morale. In addition, employees can submit vacation and sick leave requests as well, which can be reviewed by managers before approval or rejection.

Bottom line

Time and attendance software is a valuable tool for businesses that want to ensure compliance, reduce errors and legal disputes and increase HR efficiency. The best time and attendance software solutions make it easy to track work hours, schedule shifts, manage time off, and more.

Most time and attendance systems offer customer support, including email, phone or chat service. Some vendors provide their services free of charge, while others require a support contract. You can also find a number of time and attendance systems that can be integrated with other platforms, like payroll and scheduling.

One of the most well-received time and attendance platforms is Stratustime, which offers cloud-based time tracking and management for companies with multiple locations or remote employees. Stratus-time is primarily targeted at small and midsize business and has a large customer base of existing users. It can integrate with QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, ADP, SAP, and Oracle, as well as many other productivity and efficiency software products.

Other time and attendance software options include Buddy Punch, which digitizes how companies track their employee’s time off and overtime. It has a number of features that help companies identify, record and track when, how, where and by whom time is being logged, and has a variety of pricing tiers to fit any budget.

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