7 toxic habbit should stop

7 Toxic habits you should quit to live a better life

As the world heals and recovers back to normalcy post the Covid-19 pandemic, certain aspects of your Covid-19 life too should be completely cut off. The pandemic undoubtedly made everyone lethargic in one way or the other as gyms were shut down and countries were placed into lockdowns. 

Now that humanity is moving on from this giant setback, it is time for you to say goodbye to the unfortunate circumstances and take baby steps to ensure that you become the best version of yourself. One simple way to do this is by identifying the toxic habits you embraced, getting rid of them, and then finally replacing them with productive ones.

Let’s get to know what toxic habits are:  Must Read

What are Toxic Habits?

These are habits that you’re usually unaware of, that prevent you from living life to your fullest. These habits initially provide you with a surge of excitement but then, they numb you down by the time you’re done with them-leaving you dissatisfied and remorseful.

Now, these habits may be incorporated consciously or unconsciously, by having a constant negative mindset, or by conditioning. They hamper the level of growth in your life by keeping you craving for more and consuming your vital energy that could be better used elsewhere. But it is never too late to eliminate these bad habits and improve the quality of your life.

7 Habits you should quit right now

1. Smartphone Addiction.

Yes! Your parents were right! Stop spending so much time on that stupid device. Smartphones were supposed to assist you with your life, not consume your life. Frequent exposure to screens and social media not only harm you physically, but mentally as well. 

  • You can start by turning off notifications for apps you use daily. 
  • Set timers for each app where you’ll be allowed a predetermined amount of time for each day.
  • Delete news-related apps. They’re nothing but a nuisance and will do far greater damage by reducing your attention span. 
  • No screen-time before and after your sleep time for at least 30 minutes.

2. Procrastination 

Everyone has been guilty of procrastinating at some point in their life. While it is acceptable to procrastinate occasionally; doing it repeatedly will lead you to develop a victim’s mindset. It’ll limit your personal growth and lower your morale and self-confidence. It’s important to get rid of this habit before it becomes everlasting.

  • Start by creating a to-do list to keep track of your daily tasks.
  • Break the complex tasks into multiple simple tasks.
  • Perform the most demanding tasks first.
  • Reward yourself for completing the tasks.
  • Keep a journal and track your journey. Whenever you achieve a significant milestone, don’t be shy to treat yourself.
  • Keep the process interesting and playful; add some sort of physical and mental activities in the midst.

3. Ignoring Self-Care

“You’re just another one to everyone else, but you’re everything to yourself!” – Unknown.

The quote highlights why it is of utmost importance that you see yourself as a dear one. Your body and mind are all you have at your disposal. Don’t forget to tend to them as they are the essential tools in your self-growth journey. Follow the mentioned tips to the best of your routine: 

  • Get around 6-8 hours of sleep every day. (No compromises!!) Get some extra sleep on the weekends.
  • Have a skincare routine.
  • Try cooking some of your favourite dishes.
  • Read or watch that book/show you’ve been putting off.
  • Clean up and organize your room and your home.
  • Catch up with your friends.
  • Spend some time with mother nature.

4. Neglecting Physical Health

Health is Wealth and rightly so. When you’re in great physical shape, you feel confident and therefore lively. This further significantly improves your mental health. Try making the most of the simple tips mentioned below: 

  • Create a sustainable workout routine.
  • Exercise 3-5x a week.
  • Any kind of physical activity can make a huge difference in your health. 
  • Gradually increase the intensity as you get used to a routine.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Replace processed food items with their natural counterparts.
  • Add protein to your every meal.

5. Stress Eating/Binge Eating

As a wise man once said, ‘Everything in moderation; even moderation!’ We live in an age where you can get the best of dishes at the tap of your smartphone. This often has caused more harm than good. With the foodie culture on the rise, this has inevitably led to eating disorders like excessive eating and binge eating.

  • Get rid of all packaged and processed food.
  • Delete all food delivery apps from your smartphone.
  • Whenever you feel a sudden urge to eat; eat fruits, dry fruits, or drink water/milk instead.
  • Track your daily meals and reward yourself once-in-a-while for sticking to the routine.

6. Messy environment

As the saying goes, ‘A cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind!’ You are a by-product of your environment. If your environment is messy and miserable, chances are your life will be messy and miserable. Untangle your life with these simple steps:

  • Make your bed first thing in the morning.
  • Organize your closet.
  • Embrace minimalism.
  • Segregate the business apps and social/entertainment apps in your smartphone.

7. Entertaining toxic relationships

I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t been in this situation before! That’s the thing with toxic people – they’re quite good at making people feel bad about themselves for absolutely no reason. Toxic people refuse to let go of you whilst also refusing to treat you right. 

Relationships demand a lot from each individual and if the other person is not willing to give it to you, you should think of letting them go. You deserve every bit of happiness and peace in your life and for that you must make yourself a priority.


Although there are about a thousand toxic habits you can come across, I personally find these 7 habits the most common and the hardest to get rid of. Now, mind you quitting these habits will not be as simple as you’d want it to be. It will take a while and some serious dedication to build a better you.

Start with a habit or two, take baby steps, maintain a journal, add a new healthy habit to fit the vacuum created by the toxic habit and lastly don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. 

You deserve the best that life can offer and the best version you can possibly be. I hope this article helps you and for those striving to be better every single day, for us, I say, ‘Greatness is coming!’


Making a Difference Business by Being Genuinely Exemplary

It is an absolute truth that if one is educated enough with knowledge about the particular industry then one will not be afraid to enter into that industry. The leaders educate themselves with sufficient knowledge about the industry they want to be in and therefore they become capable of playing a valuable role in the choice of their industry with the knowledge they have. Such competent leaders set the most inspiring example to aspiring leaders.

The inclusion of leaders in any field is very crucial for tapping the full potential of both genders for the betterment of the world. Today leaders are making their presence count and are contributing very much to all fields. The more leaders become part of any industry, the more potential of that industry can be tapped with the inclusion of women in this field. The courage and competence in the leaders help them to choose any industry they want, and they are able to make their mark in those industries.

The leaders know that by educating themselves with a wealth of knowledge about any industry they will be able to make a wonderful contribution in the industry by being a resourceful asset to that particular industry. They implement business solutions that are easy to implement but have the ability to make a difference in the businesses and drive the profitability of the organization and also, they make sure that the solutions of their businesses are benefitting to the clients and pleasing to them.

The leaders in any industry are prioritizing to balance development and environmental sustainability. Many leaders in the industry are passionate about revolutionizing the industry by implementing sustainable, technology-driven, and innovative solutions. The evolutions in any industry with the help of technological advancements are proving to be essential in promoting the concept of sustainable development. Inspiring leaders in the different businesses prioritize to provide profitable solutions and are in harmony with sustainable development.

The leaders focus on delivering more impactful operational efficiencies with the help of implementing the latest technologies in a variety of projects. They leverage technology to change the way business is operated. Today businesses are thriving playing under outstanding and inspiring leaders as they are becoming part of the solutions in the business field.

The leaders in the business should have sufficient knowledge of the industry and how different technologies and resources can be utilized in a way that promotes the way of sustainable solutions in the businesses. The leaders also need to create a team that is capable and competent enough to implement the innovation and latest technologies in the businesses so as to sustain profitability and influence in the long run.

The courage, competence, willpower, dedication, and absolute determination to do something wonderful in the business are essential for leaders to thrive in the world of business. The leaders in any kind of business hold the potential to make a difference in the business by implementing innovative ways in the businesses.

business technology

Utilizing Technology Creatively for Creating Tangible Impact in Industry

Business leaders in technology have to develop good skills both in technology understanding and business as well to be the most influential business leader in technology. They should use their skills, talents, abilities for coming with creative and inventive solutions. Business leaders in tech have to be keenly aware of the latest technologies that can be integrated into the businesses to improve the offerings of the businesses.

To be an influential business leader in tech leaders have to build the foundation of their businesses on the foundation of technology. Technology if utilized appropriately it offers enormous advantages and can make a profound impact in the industry. Business leaders have to go beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking just to settle by the norms and have to be inventive in their approach to break the status quo or stagnancy in the businesses.

Business leaders in tech have to develop the most pragmatic approach to lead the businesses that create a tangible impact in the industry with its contribution. Business leaders should think out-of-the-box solutions to not be just trapped by what is available in the market and just be comfortable with that. Being trapped in the comfort zone is the greatest enemy of progress.

Business leaders in technology should have the courage to go beyond the comfort zone by stretching themselves above the limits of the comfort zone and should be open to the new changes that can be incorporated into the businesses. Business leaders should prefer to be in the stretch zone to come out with inventive solutions.

Business leaders should be open to the wonderful opportunities that come upon them and should grab those opportunities diligently to play the key role in delivering modern solutions to the challenges present in the business world. The tech leaders have to be smart enough to tap the potential of highly capable technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, etc.

The potential of many emerging technologies can be integrated into the businesses and businesses can be taken to new heights and for benefit of clients. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all businesses are using digitalization in their businesses. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for innovation in digitalization. Business leaders have to be vigilant to grab the chances they have to make a positive difference in as many ways as they can and they should have a strategy, planning, and contingency plan for contributing to the fields where there are chances for contribution.

Technology offers enormous advantages that business leaders should incorporate in the businesses to drive the growth of the businesses and also for most creative and inventive solutions. By utilizing the potential of technology, technically smart leaders can help businesses in attaining huge success and this will create an impact in the industry. The credit of this success will go to those leaders who integrate the business acumen and technological competence most effectively.


Pursuing Entrepreneurship for the Welfare of the World

Entrepreneurship is one such field through which businesspeople can do so much for the welfare of the world. The entrepreneurs have to be inwardly strong to make brilliant contribution in their organizations. It matters a lot for leader to be sufficiently good skills, abilities and talents for playing important role in the growth and development of their businesses. Leaders should first learn to master themselves effectively to direct others appropriately. The genuinely exemplary leaders are able to imprint their best onto the people around them by creating ripple effects of their internal goodness.

Without courage nothing substantial progress can be made in businesses. To pursue entrepreneurship is itself a courageous decision. Courage plays a very important role in taking bold steps in life or businesses. Courageous decisions and courageous actions are the central pillars to any kind of growth and development in the businesses. Courage helps business leaders to free themselves from the illusory trap of comfort zone and dogmatism and do something remarkable to make a revolution or something disruptive in the industry. 

Courage is fundamental to being innovative. Innovativeness flourishes under the courageous leadership. All the bold steps in the businesses are only possible with courageous leadership. The world has the habit of making room for the leaders whose words and actions show that they know where they are going. Courageous business leaders are sharp in their thought process and are clever in their execution. Courage is the grace even under pressure. Courageous leaders don’t succumb under the pressure. They are able to execute grace even in the toughest times also. They don’t become victim of dogma, fear, pressure and illusion. They have positive perspectives, and they are able to cross-over challenges with courage.

Sharp business acumen is another most important trait for being a successful business leader. Business intelligence plays very important role in analyzing the market situations very well. The analytical ability in business leaders is a mark of a great business leaders. The understanding of the finances and the business growth and development opportunities is a hallmark of a leader with good business acumen. No organization can flourish without having the intelligent business leadership at the helm of it. Intelligent business leaders are sharp in recognizing the business growth opportunities and they make sure that they make these opportunities consciously count and drive the business growth of their organizations. 

The sharpest wit and intuition help business leaders to take the most calculative and most clever decisions in their businesses. They make sure that they are utilizing their brilliant thought process and cognitive abilities to make intelligent and high value business decisions. They don’t make any room for regrets. Complacency has no place in the lives of intelligent and sharpest business leaders. They don’t give in to any temptations and illusory propagandas. Resourceful people are able to do most significant contribution in the businesses. Resourceful people are treasure house of brilliant ideas and there is no cessation to their creativity and ability to come up with brilliant ideas again and again. Resourceful business leaders create more resourceful people and are able to drive the growth and development of business in the right direction.

Being resourceful is very essential skill for today’s business leaders. Resourceful people see challenges and opportunities and they also hold the potential to convert challenges into opportunities. Resourceful leaders do more with less. They are able to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses and they do the same with their team members also. 

Collectively Courageous, resourceful and leaders who have good business acumen are able to make a tremendous good for their businesses. Resourceful leaders also make best utilization of all they have and are able to drive the better results. Resourcefulness in the business leaders lead to great accomplishments in their businesses. 

Doing more with existing resources and also leading people to do the same is the hallmark of resourceful business leaders and thus they drive the sustainable growth of their businesses. In this way, great business leaders lead with courage, sharpest business acumen and resourcefulness and are able to do so much for their entrepreneurial businesses and also in the lives of the people in the world. Entrepreneurship truly becomes enjoyable journey if one pursues it with true passion and take diligent efforts in the business to make it successful. 


Strengthening Security of Businesses with Innovativeness

Great leaders are different from ordinary people. They don’t think like ordinary people. They have out-of-the-box thinking. They think innovatively and plan strategically to execute their ideas and work passionately to deliver glorious business results. They figure out the problems and they aim to deliver the best solutions and ensure the problems of their clients are resolved. Great leaders become great because of their great attitude.

The security leaders have to pave the way for ensuring the data protection of their clients and help businesses to ensure the safety of their data. Today many leaders are also playing the most profound role in the security industry by delivering the best solutions to the businesses and the clients for ensuring the safety and utmost protection of their data. They strengthen the privacy and security of the most valuable data of their businesses and clients. They make sure that their solutions are playing important role in preserving the safety of data.

Data is the new buzzword today. The data used appropriately for delivering streamlined and organized solutions is beneficial to the clients and businesses. But ensuring the protection of this valuable asset called data is challenging for many businesses. The eminent leaders in security make a point to deliver the technologically advanced solutions that play important role in ensuring the cyber security of businesses. They don’t make any excuses in leaving any room for the theft or exploitation of the valuable data of the businesses. They don’t leave any chance to hackers and stealers and cybercriminals to get access to the data by delivering highly evolved security solutions to the important information of the organizations.

Innovativeness is the most intrinsic quality of eminent leaders in security. Innovativeness is literally in their genes and they nurture that innovativeness much by constantly being creative and thinking beyond normal thinking. They know that to sustain their competency in the market there is not no other option to them than to be innovative and deliver something of value and credibility to the industry. Their approach is clear and they come up with innovative ideas and implement them to improve the quality of the solutions to the ever-increasing challenges in the security industry. Competence and presence of mind are the hallmarks of eminent leaders in security. They are competent to deliver innovative solutions to address security challenges in the industry.

The competitive approach of eminent leaders helps them to avail edge over others in delivering the most accurate and timely solutions to the existing problems. The presence of mind is essential to be successful in any field or any industry. The eminent leaders possess this quality of presence of mind in abundance and this quality helps them to come up with the most pragmatic solutions to unforeseen challenges even at the spur of the moment also. This is one of the best qualities of eminent leaders in the security industry. They hold the potential to deliver the best solutions at any moment because of their high presence of mind and this separates them from the best. They adapt best of best practices to strengthen the security of the businesses.

The approach of Innovativeness, Competence, and Presence of mind help leaders in security to be more eminent in the industry.


Covid-19: The Future of Learning and Teaching

The global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 impacted all the sectors in the economy and education sector is not an exception. With educational institutions were shut down for an indefinite period, there was huge disruption in the education sector. Remote learning platforms came to the rescue of teachers as well as students. Educational institutions and coaching institutions massively adapted the online teaching methodologies for continuing the education of the students. Smart learning technologies have transformed the educations sector in the whole world. Digital learning is becoming a new norm and it will continue to be the most important mode of learning even in the post pandemic world.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is widespread all over the world. It affected most of the students especially those who could not avail online educational services. It created a massive shift in the way students learn. Even the poorest of the poor people facilitated their children or sons or daughters smartphones and internet connection so that they can attend classes online. The pandemic has caused the massive changes and unprecedented disruptions in the education sector. As much as the challenges pandemic created in the education sector, but still if we see it in right perspective the challenge of pandemic created opportunity for positive change in educational models. 

Educators adapted the online methods of teaching to students. This online facility gives an opportunity to students to learn by being at home and according to their convenience and comfort. It also gives opportunity of learning from anywhere and without being in physical presence. Regardless of outcomes, remote learning has become by default education and learning method especially in such crisis situations like pandemic. Educators also started responding proactively and started showing support for delivering online education to students. Many educators find it is more advantageous to teach to students using online platforms as this gives them the opportunity to reach out to the students in any part of the country. The crisis of the pandemic has stimulated the innovation in the education sector and innovations in this sector will continue to evolve as many people are realizing the benefits of online education and more students and teachers are also finding the benefits of online education. These changes may not be the necessary norm in the post Covid-19 world but still the preference of students to learning using virtual platforms will be there.Covid-19 pandemic has forced all of us to rethink education. This unprecedented challenge of pandemic has given us the chance to find sustainable solutions that will address the concerns and issues in the education sector. 

Underprivileged students without internet and smartphones could not avail the facilities of the online education and they suffered a lot. This was huge loss for poor students. This again divided the nation with education inequality. This gap between education inequality needs to be bridged. Forming sustainable solutions is more important than the temporary fixing of the issue. Substantial solutions has to be created so that there will not be hindrance in the education of not even a single child. Thinking of the fair opportunities of education to all students in the post Covid-19 world is the responsibility of all citizens, educational institutions and governments. If the necessary actions are taken in this direction then the future of students can be ensured brighter.

astern and Western Education

Cultural Differences between Eastern and Western Education and its Significance

Some people appreciate western education and some people appreciate eastern education. The battle for superiority between the eastern and western education is intensifying over the last few years quite more significantly. The western education has its advantages along with some drawbacks and same is the case with eastern education. Both are valuable in their own ways. Depending on the choice of the students and affordability by the family, fate of the students is decided whether they will go for western education or the eastern education. There are lot of differences between western education approach and eastern education approach. Each of the characteristics of eastern education and Western education play vital role in creating personalities and development of students.

The defenders of western education glorify the potency of the western education in creating successful professionals and therefore they are keener to send their children to western countries for taking education. The supporters of eastern education believe that our nation has also started providing quality education and the ability to create brilliant students with lot of capabilities to be successful as a professional. It is true that eastern education is also improving and it is creating better students with enhanced capacities but still there is a lot of development has to be happened in the eastern education. The eastern education sustains the cultural value in the students and that is another significance of the eastern education.

Eastern education is focused on discipline and diligence. Western education focuses on collaboration and discussions. Eastern education emphasizes commitment to learning while eastern education focuses on standardized tests. Western students blame institutions for their failure instead of seeing their personal shortcomings. Eastern students recognize their personal shortcomings instead of blaming institutions. Western students expect more from educators than their personal endeavors. Easter education system is good at developing hard working abilities in students and students are less dependent on educators.

Eastern education is slightly behind in promoting entrepreneurial spirit in students in comparison to western education system. Western education system is able to create more entrepreneurs than the eastern education system. Western education system is good at creating competent students and eastern education system is good at creating culturally and morally strong students. Business mindset is more promoted in the western education system and service mindset is more promoted in the eastern education system.

Western education fosters curiosity, creativity and innovation abilities more profusely in students in comparison to eastern education system. Western education system encourages their students to break the status quo and build something innovative and creative that will make a difference in the business world. Both education systems see concept of learning differently.

Eastern education system focuses on mutual effort and mutual learning as a collective group while western education system focuses more on individual learning and individual success.  Eastern education system instills a deep love for education and learning that may last forever. Eastern education system also promotes the approach of treating success and failure with equanimity. Western education system emphasizes more on individual success which may not cultivate the ability to deal with both success and failure with grace and equanimity.

If we see it from all points of view, we can say that both educational systems provide huge value to the students. Eastern education system is good at building students with great character and western education system is good at creating students with strong competence. It is to the world’s advantage to expose students to the advantages of both systems and let them have great character as well as strong competence. Students with great character and strong competence can really make the world a better place.


TATA IPL 2022: Schedule, venues, dates, timings | All you need to know

Since its relocation to the UAE for the past two years, the IPL is now all set to make a comeback in India as the pandemic loses its grip over the world. The IPL will seemingly be bigger, better and bolder as the tournament adds two new teams to the fray, which previously consisted of 8 teams.

The defending champions Chennai Super Kings, will kick off the season against Kolkata Knight Riders on March 26th at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. A total of 70 league matches and 4 playoffs will be played over the duration of 65 days which will comprise of 12 double-headers. Mumbai and Pune will host all the league matches whilst Ahmedabad will host the playoffs, as per the new format.

More details on this new format below:

IPL 2022 Groups

The 10 teams are divided in 2 groups based on the number of titles won. Each team will face the other 4 teams in their group and one team from the other group twice, while facing the other 4 teams from the other group once.

For example, Mumbai Indians will face all teams in Group A twice and will face the Chennai Super Kings twice as well. They will play the remaining teams of Group B only once.

Likewise, Gujarat Titans will face all teams in Group B twice and will face Lucknow Supergiants twice while facing other teams in Group A once.

Group AGroup B
Mumbai Indians (5)Chennai Super Kings (4)
Kolkata Knight Riders (2)Sunrisers Hyderabad (1)
Rajasthan Royals (1)Royal Challengers Bangalore
Delhi CapitalsPunjab Kings
Lucknow SuperGiantsGujarat Titans

IPL 2022 Overview

IPL 2022 Schedule26th March 2022 — 29th May 2022
HostBCCI i.e. Board of Control for Cricket in India
Host CountryIndia
Match FormatT20(20 Overs)
IPL 2022 First Match26th March 2022
IPL Final Match29th May 2022
Number Of Teams10
Name Of TeamsChennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Lions & Lucknow Nawabs.
Number Of Total Matches74
Official Website of IPLiplt20.com

Shark Tank India Season 1: Investments Revealed

You might have come across such hilarious viral memes for the last couple of weeks. If you’re completely clueless as to why these memes are making rounds and are lacking context, this article will help you with that. Who would’ve thought enjoying memes would help you sharpen up your perception.

That said, read on to know what the concept of Shark Tank is and the hype around it.

Shark Tank India – What it is

Shark Tank India is a business reality show that began airing on December 20, 2021, exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television, India. The show is an Indian adaptation of its popular American counterpart ‘Shark Tank’. The show invites budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a panel of judges or sharks and seek investment in exchange for equity (a percentage of their business). 

If impressed by the business idea, the sharks will make a deal and invest their own money in marketing and mentoring the contestant. The first season received 62,000 applications, from which 198 businesses were given access to the podium. Out of the 198 pitches, 67 businesses were able to secure the bag.

Shark Tank India – Judges

A total of 7 Sharks were present on Shark Tank India:

  1. Ashneer Grover, Managing Director and Co-founder of BharatPe
  2. Aman Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of boAt
  3. Anupam Mittal, Founder, and CEO of Shaadi.com and People Group
  1. Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Mama of MamaEarth
  2. Namita Thapar, Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  3. Peyush Bansal, Co-founder and CEO of Lenskart
  4. Vineeta Singh, CEO, and Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics

Shark Tank India – The inception

According to IndianExpress.com, Indranil Chakraborty, Producer Head of StudioNEXT revealed that the plan to bring Shark Tank to India had been in the works for over three years. Given the current discourse in India about the startup culture, the team believed that the time was right. However, there were always doubts whether the television audience would welcome the show or whether the advertisers would bag their money. 

Nevertheless, the razzmatazz around SonyLIV, Sony’s digital wing provided the final boost.

Shark Tank India – Who Invested The Most

This list attempts to answer all your questions regarding who invested the most and how many deals each shark made. 

  1. AMAN GUPTA: Rs 9.358 crore in 28 deals

The boAtman who is an MBA graduate from the Kellogg School of Management made the highest investment on the show. Aman, who previously lobbied for young entrepreneurs, kept his word by investing Rs 9.358 crore in 28 deals.

  1. PEYUSH BANSAL: Rs 8.297 crore in 27 deals

The CEO and Co-founder of Lenskart who has a net worth of 600 crores has been a hit with the masses ever since he started appearing on the reality TV show. Despite not being present during the initial weeks, Peyush Bansal managed to invest Rs 8.297 crore across 27 deals.

  1. NAMITA THAPAR: Rs 6.383 crore in 22 deals

Namita is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in India and holds a bachelor’s degree from the Fuqua School of Business. Namita is the Founder and CEO of Incredible Ventures Ltd., as well as a board member of Finolex Cables. Despite coming from a healthcare background, Namita invested Rs 6.383 crores in 22 deals.

In an article penned on YourStory, Namita revealed that the shoot concluded by December 12th, 2021, and the show was launched on December 20. Having invested about 6.5 crores during the show, she invested an extra Rs 3 crore following the finale episode on deals she had lost out on and in a few existing deals to increase her stake.

  1. ASHNEER GROVER: Rs 5.383 crore in 21 deals

The IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus is one of the few judges to have taken the spotlight for his peculiar style and straightforwardness. Ashneer who previously has invested in many Indian companies like IndiaGold, The Whole Truth, OTO Capital, and Front Row reportedly invested Rs 5.383 crore across 21 deals.

  1. ANUPAM MITTAL: Rs 5.338 crore in 24 deals

The Boston College graduate was the only shark to feature in every episode. The matchmaker who’s an active angel investor has also produced two Bollywood movies- Flavors (2003) and 99 (2009).

In the first season of Shark Tank India, Anupam committed Rs. 5.338 crore to 24 different businesses.

  1. VINEETA SINGH: Rs 3.042 crore in 15 deals

The IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus shot down a Rs 1 crore job offer following her graduation and instead turned to entrepreneurship. The TEDx speaker and the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics is estimated to be worth Rs 300 crore. As of 2022, Sugar Cosmetics has a distribution network of over 2,500 branded retail locations in over 130 cities across India.

Vineeta invested around Rs 3.042 crore in 15 deals; a majority of those deals being with women entrepreneurs.

  1. GHAZAL ALAGH: Rs 1.2 crore in 7 deals

The corporate trainer turned artist cum entrepreneur Ghazal Alagh whose net worth is estimated to be around Rs 148 crore invested the least in the first season. The Chief Mama whose own startup was funded by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and Sequoia Capital India invested about Rs 1.2 crore across 7 deals.


Badalte Bharat ki nayi soch ko mil raha hain ek naya manch, jahan ubharte businessmen ke sapne honge sach! 

Celebrating India’s flourishing entrepreneurship ecosystem, Sony Entertainment Television delivered its promise of a refreshing experience for business enthusiasts with the very first edition of the business reality show format – Shark Tank India.

Anupam Mittal, the founder of Shaadi.com, took to Instagram revealing the percentage of entrepreneurs who bagged investments from the show. He wrote, “67 out of 198 pitches scored deals on the show.

  • 59 [87%] had founders with no IIT/IIM degrees, 
  • 45 [67%] had at least one co-founder <25 years, 
  • 40 [60%] had never been funded previously, 
  • 29 [43%] had at least one woman co-founder, 
  • 20 [30%] were from Tier II/III & rural India and 
  • 18 [27%] had couples/families as co-founders.”

As the Indian startup boom shows no signs of stopping, Shark Tank India is a step in the right direction. This show has fueled the entrepreneurship flame amongst the young entrepreneurs as the country looks to have a bright future under their wings.

Share your best-loved moments from the first season and let us know what you expect from the second season of Shark Tank India.


Why VR is Evolving as a Technology

Virtual reality [VR] was one of the first technologies developed in the 1960s. This high-end simulated experience developed by using digital technology and software to deliver real-world experience is making a comeback in many aspects of our daily lives today. Visual immersion is provided via headsets and glasses, while tactile sensations are provided by handhelds and wearables. Many top companies, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Intel, are already using virtual reality to boost their digital marketing efforts.

Anyone using virtual reality equipment can explore the virtual world and interact with virtual objects or structures.

Virtual reality merges video and audio feedback, but force feedback and other sensory types can be added with the help of haptic technology. People are submerged and able to speak within virtual worlds rather than viewing a display in front of them. The machine becomes a facilitator for these artificial worlds by reproducing numerous senses such as hearing, vision, smell, and touch.

Here are some benefits of virtual reality:

It Is Convenient to Use

Virtual reality is quite useful in everyday tasks such as shopping. Let’s say you’re looking for interior design ideas for your home. However, simply looking at the designs does not make deciding on a great match any easier, resulting in a perplexing predicament. Such ambiguity can be easily resolved by combining the designs and decor of your home by utilizing virtual reality to make an informed selection.

Beneficial for The Retail Industry

Both online and in-store, virtual and augmented technologies are game-changers in the retail industry. They enable online retailers to create a more engaging experience that mimics actual retail establishments. Virtual reality in retail space can have a meaningful influence as shop design becomes much more intelligent. Kinect fitting rooms at clothing businesses could be a great way to improve the look of your store.

In-Store AR Navigation is a new way to get around stores. Customers can use this smartphone app to rapidly locate locations where requested items are available. AR-overlaid product information is another popular app: aim your phone camera at things to see extensive information. Retail marketing becomes interactive and practical when digital technologies are used.

Makes the Learning Environment Safe

Virtual reality training has the advantage of allowing learners to interact with virtual sceneries and hazards in a safe environment. Virtual reality is a wonderful tool for experiencing learning in complex areas that would otherwise be too risky, expensive, or harmful to study otherwise. Learners can make judgments that have no bearing on the company’s equipment, employees, or customers. A learner can, for example, practice what to do in the event of a robbery by making various decisions that affect the robber’s activities.

Produces One-Of-A-Kind Customer Experiences

One of the most significant benefits of AR is that it allows for the creation of unique digital experiences that combine the finest of both the digital and physical worlds. Furthermore, no external hardware or software is required to relish the experience.

To enjoy AR, smartphones and mobile apps are sufficient. In fact, recent advances in augmented reality have made it feasible to have immersive experiences using web browsers.

How do AR experiences differ from other types of experiences? The most prevalent audio-visual experiences we are aware of can be found in either the physical or digital realms. For one thing, augmented reality combines the two realities. It creates a mirage effect by layering digital components on top of real components.

Enhancement of Sensation

Not everyone who has hearing or vision loss has an entire loss. The majority of them have only partial vision loss and can benefit from AR or VR applications that improve their senses.

AR-enhanced hearing aids are one example. These can identify and magnify the sound that the listener wishes to focus on. Another example is colour-blindness-correcting AR glasses. In terms of virtual reality, there’s Vision Buddy, a television-watching technology that helps those with limited vision see better.


Finally, one must comprehend the meaning of the virtual world and its characteristics after learning about all the benefits and drawbacks of VR technology. To summarise, virtual reality can be amazing and informative, and it can also help people relieve stress by allowing them to visually visit another planet.